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Unsolved Arizona: Kill on Bumble-bee Roadway. The murders away from bumble-bee street in 2003 remain unresolved.

Unsolved Arizona: Kill on Bumble-bee Roadway. The murders away from bumble-bee street in 2003 remain unresolved.

Briana Whitney

The murders of 19-year-old Lisa Gurrieri’s and 20-year-old Brandon Rumbaugh are unsolved.

(Resource: 3TV/CBS 5)

Uncle Mike went to wonder various people that determine the two soon after the murders, the man he or she is convinced probably have got grounds to kill.

(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

A few from Scottsdale comprise found go to death fifteen years ago near bumble-bee Lane off of I-17. The crime keeps unsolved.

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PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) – these people were just 19 and twenty years older.

In 2003, a Scottsdale lovers renowned the company’s very first wedding hiking near Sunset aim. The location is only two long distances away from the Interstate 17 on Bumble Bee path. Nevertheless life comprise cut close, together with the monster still is about loose.

Right now, the first time, we’re observing the particular final images taken of the two when they comprise live that night, and investigators tell Arizona’s household the things they think has gone completely wrong when you look at the analysis.


Nineteen-year-old Lisa Gurrieri’s lifetime am pic great. She performed in chapel, proved helpful at Salt River plan, and was at admiration with a 20-year-old Arizona State college beginner Brandon Rumbaugh. The happy couple stayed in Scottsdale.

“She constantly have a grin on her face,” said Mike Gurrieri. “As a matter of fact, she performed inside my marriage.” Mike are Lisa’s uncle but assisted promote the girl after the lady father died of cancers. “i usually thought about Lisa as my,” said Mike.

“they questioned that view over Lisa?” questioned reporter Briana Whitney.

“Yeah,” Mike stated silently.


In Oct of 2003, Lisa and Brandon would like to go camping to observe 12 months of internet dating.

In March of 2003, Lisa and Brandon were going to go camping to observe a year of internet dating.

(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Their unique prepare would be to lead to bumble-bee roads saturday day making use of the light trucks and also be rear Saturday early morning.

Lisa recognized Uncle Mike would bother about her security, so she need the mummy never to simply tell him. Lisa never ever arrived room.

“So, you didn’t determine she had gone right up there?” questioned Whitney.

“No. Therefore’s broken myself ever since,” said Mike.

As night took on day, Lisa and Brandon designed on stargazing then hitting the hay. But alternatively, both comprise hit multiple times and passed away at the back of your truck.

There was clearly a bunch of proof compiled right at the arena, most notably garbage alongside gadgets located around a common campsite, but one piece of explanation intrigued detectives greater than others.

A throwaway digicam is within the pickup, and for the first-time ever before, we’re witnessing the very final pictures which are taken onto it.


“The video cam looks like it absolutely was thrown away through the truck. It has been found by some stones,” claimed Yavapai state Sheriff’s Lt. Frank Barbaro.

“Do you believe the one who murdered all of them made an effort to thrust your camera off to damage evidence?” expected Whitney.

“Really, which is a very good prospect,” Barbaro claimed.

The lieutenant was at the theft world in 2003 as well as being still operating the outcome. Also shattered, he or she believed investigators made it possible to build a number of pics thereon throwaway video cam. The two discover a solo photo of every one of them during the truck.

Detectives discover an unicamente image of each inside the pickup from a disposable video camera.

(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

They were the final photos regarding the move. Prior to that, you’ll find blurry images of a tight colorful illumination (CFL) in most particular establishing.

Detectives still have no idea in which those happened to be used, or where the partners would be before they left for that day.

But Lisa and Brandon experienced another digicam together with them. A video clip digicam. “We never ever set that factor. We found your camera circumstances, but we never ever determine the camcorder,” claimed Barbaro. “We understand every thing about this, perhaps even the serial quantity.”

“So you think that the one who destroyed these people grabbed that video camera together with them?” requested Whitney.

“Absolutely,” the lieutenant explained.