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While she is periodically seen dressed in informal clothes, Annie is normally seen sporting the typical Junior significant uniform

While she is periodically seen dressed in informal clothes, Annie is normally seen sporting the typical Junior significant uniform

Annie is actually a brief woman. She has blue-eyes and keeps the woman gothic tresses tied up back once again, typically, dressed in their bangs over the woman best eyes.


Typically, Annie often keeps to herself. She’s recognized to over-react at times over trivial issues, but is in a position to identify this and apologize when needed. She in addition is afflicted with efficiency anxieties (aka level fright) and it is often very unwilling to do in front of a sizable scale audience.

Despite the lady primarily peaceful and reserved character, Annie just isn’t afraid of conflict. She can quickly remain true for herself whenever others try to quit the girl, either from performing an activity or wanting to consult with a classmate.


Annie is part of the most important 12 months lessons entering combat Junior highschool and is assigned included in course 3. During the welcome ceremony, Annie overhears fellow student Eren’s passion for cheddar loaf; because of this are this lady favored snacks in addition, Annie turned into too embarrassed to declare this after the guy mentioned it. She’d start to build a grudge against Eren responding.

Afterwards, course 3 takes part in a dodge golf ball tournament and Annie is able to knock-out four different people, winning the fit on her behalf lessons. [1] She overhears they’ll certainly be going up against course 4 (the category Eren belongs to) and covers to address them. Seeing Eren is fully gone, Annie is told through Armin that Eren’s inside the bathroom and will be section of her complement. [2] Annie swears this lady part will victory and comes back to the girl teams; prior to the match, she extends back more than and is found Jean as verification that Eren is there. Not purchase it, Annie phone calls them out and is planning to report them when Eren ultimately shows up. She will leave after announcing once again that Eren’s class will totally lose. During complement, Annie is practically eradicated by Mikasa; she captures the tossed baseball and rapidly gets rid of Armin. [3] since fit gusts of wind all the way down, Annie is actually surprised whenever Eren manages to eradicate the girl and winnings the match for their teams. [4]

Annie later joins the scholar council and rapidly gets on the nervousness of other student Hitch. Reading that Eren belongs to the study Club (together with the wall structure Beautification nightclub), Annie stacks up and declares that whilst council takes notes and keeps songs on organizations throughout campus, the research pub has-been the exception. She vows to achieve the club disbanded [5] Hitch and Marlowe follow this lady (despite the lady informing them to not) and discover Eren as well as the nightclub members on a field visit to wall structure flower. Both sides accept a game title of rock, report, scissors to discover the fate with the research Club. [6]

With every side making one win apiece, Annie comes up against Eren while the determining vote. Whenever questioned exactly why she dislikes him plenty, Annie refuses to supply the reason why. They become trapped in a tie for thirty minutes before Annie seems to lose the lady grasp and prepares getting strike by Eren; however, Eren relents and requires their once again precisely why she hates him. Annie eventually admits that he talked about the lady favored dishes as 1st hence she couldn’t bear admitting that to any or all. After hearing Eren apologize, she after that finds out that the whole thing got blown out of proportion by this lady and admits defeat to Eren. The following day during meal, Annie comes up to Eren, Armin and Mikasa and asks to stay with these people. Warming up to Eren, she provides section of this lady lunch to your and so they become friends. [7]